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rosemary before2Rosemary Bromfield had always battled her weight, seemingly forever dieting and exercising throughout her life. “I’d see myself and think, “Yeah, I’m fat, but do people really notice?” she says. Then she had five children, and she says, “I just kept getting bigger and bigger, until finally one day I realized that I was 320 pounds.”

Already a member of the Y for about three years, she had heard about the Commit to be Fit program, and decided to try it out. Trieste, one of the Y’s personal trainers, met with her to go over the program’s benefits. “I had all this stuff at my fingertips,” says Rosemary. “I just kept getting on the elliptical never realizing that I could do so much more. Trieste showed me other ways to really get your heart moving and then she told me about the HEAT class, so I started taking that, along with strength training.” Even though her personal life might get in the way occasionally, she makes a point to go to the Y at least three times a week.

After dropping 100 pounds, Rosemary was pleased with her results but nervous about other effects of losing that much weight. “Dropping that much, you often see the look of all that excess skin,” says Rosemary. “I haven’t seen that on me yet because I’m doing it slowly. I don’t pass judgment on people having surgery — I get people do what they have to do — but I knew it wasn’t for me.”

Rosemary today!

Rosemary today!

She admits that her body is not exactly what she wants it to look like just yet, but believes doing strength training and getting the proper nutrients into her body has done wonders, and that she is on the right track. She points to other, less-obvious successes: “Trieste told me in the beginning that you can do some bursts to get your heart rate up during a workout, and I remember thinking ‘oh my gosh, this is so hard! She wants me to do this for a minute?’ Now I can do those little bursts in a half-hour workout for 15 of those minutes.”

She adds, “This is honestly the first time in my life that this is really is a lifestyle change. It’s not one of those times where I said ‘I’m just never going to eat bread again, or I can’t have candy anymore.’ Of course I’m going to have candy! That’s life, that’s my life. I’m not going to deprive myself of that, because that’s just setting me up to fail. I’m finally doing something that is healthy forever.”

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