For Social Responsibility

boy swimmingLast April, the Y got a call from a grandmother who needed information about her grandson’s swim lessons. She sounded down, and when Aquatics Director Jen Bonnett asked her if everything was alright, she said that the family was having a hard time because her son had been killed in a car accident the previous week. The funeral was three days prior. She talked about how nice the service was, the outpouring of support from the church and the community, and how her 7-year-old grandson had cried when they told him the news, saying, “I am never going to see my Papi again.”

Ironically, just the week before her son had died, the family was discussing the boy’s swimming lessons. His father had said how much the boy had improved and that he wanted his son to continue with them. So the family was deciding who was going to pay this time around. The grandmother needed times and other information so she could get him all set up. When Jen asked her if there was anything we at the Y could do to help, she demurred, saying it was going to be OK.

After Jen got off the phone she went to Karen Wimpy and gave her the child’s information, with instructions to forgo payment. When the grandmother came in to sign up her grandson the following week, Mariah Cochran (who was working at the Welcome Center) let her know about the lessons. The woman started to cry and Mariah gave her a big hug.

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