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liz petris story spacerLiz and her husband came to Concord three years ago from the San Francisco Bay area for a change of lifestyle—someplace to raise their kids with a great quality of life, a close-knit community, as well as mountains and seacoast nearby.

Knowing she was going to need a place for her children to go while she worked, it didn’t take long for Liz to discover the Y. “I don’t even think we were here a week and the kids were already at the Y,” she says. “I never had a big ‘Aha!’ moment; it was just immediately comfortable to me from the get-go, to be able to drop off my children and concentrate on my work without wondering if they’re ok.”

But it’s not just the people that attracted her to the place: the charm and character of the old fire department building also held appeal. “I’ve always been really suspicious of fancy day care centers with video surveillance that look like an adult-friendly place, but not a kid-friendly place,” she says. “The Y’s building has unique architecture and rooms filled with engaging and kid-friendly toys and activities.” She also likes how teachers make the time to do arts and crafts, like fingerprinting. “Learning is messy and kids are messy. I love that the Y is comfortable with being messy.”

The Y’s downtown location is also a big draw.
“I appreciate the thriving central location,” she says, “and that my kids go for picnics on the state house lawn or can point out landmarks of our city. It’s important that they’re out in the community and that they realize there’s a world out there greater than four walls.”

She also appreciates the convenience of grabbing a workout after work and then grabbing her kids right next door. “The Y is definitely the second-most often place I go to in Concord!” she laughs. As any parent would know, she adds, it’s nice to have that outlet of exercising in order to manage the day-to-day stress of working and parenting. “I can take care of my needs,” she says, “knowing my kids are being taken care of, and after I work out I’m a much better parent to them.”

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