Q: How much is a membership?
Memberships are paid in two ways, either monthly or by the year. The yearly membership cost is listed on the membership page; it varies depending on what type of membership you are looking for. Monthly memberships are paid by a credit/debit card draft of through a bank draft. When you sign up for a membership you will be required to pay the first month’s fee up front along with any start up fees attached to the membership. Youth and junior memberships do not have any start up fees. Yearly membership fees are non-refundable. Monthly drafts may be cancelled at any time with 30 days written notice. Draft termination forms are given out at the front desk in the Welcome Center and must be received 30 days before you want your draft to stop.

Q: I can not afford the membership costs. Is there any way I can become a member?
A: We realize that not all our members will be able to afford the Y. We do offer financial assistance, which is very easy to apply for and receive. Scholarship applications may be picked up at the Welcome Center in the Y.

Q: What is the difference between a member and a program community member?
A: A member has full access to the YMCA, may partake in all free classes offered by the Y and pays less for any classes that face a fee attached. A member may sign up for classes two full weeks before the classes are opened up to community members and may sign up for classes online. A member is given a membership card that provides access to the building at all open times. A member may bring a guest for a $5.00 fee and Adult, Family and Single Parent Family members may use our babysitting room. Community members are only allowed in the YMCA during the time of the class they are participating in. Community members do not have access to online registration and must come to the Welcome Center to sign up for classes where they will be given a special card they will need to show to gain access to the building during their program time. Community members do not get free classes and must pay more than members for the classes offered. Community members sign up for classes two weeks after members may begin signing up. Community members may not bring guests of use the babysitting room. So, it pays to be a member!

Q: I am a member from out of state and I will be in your area soon. What will it cost for me to use your facility?
A: We are participants in the Y’s Away Program, meaning that we welcome members from other YMCA’s.  Our policy is that you get 5 free visits a year, then 5 visits at $5.00.

Q: I am a member of a YMCA in New England, what is your policy regarding usage?
A: We do allow reciprocal members from all YMCA’s within New England. Reciprocal members may use all exercise rooms as well as the pool and the gym whenever the schedule permits members to use those areas. Reciprocal members may not bring guests of use the babysitting room. Reciprocal members may not partake in free classes and must sign up for those classes as a community member and pay the community member rate. Reciprocal members should sign up for their membership at their primary Y-the Y they are going to use the most.

Q: I belong to another YMCA but I would like to transfer that membership to your Y. How do I go about doing that?
A: You will need to terminate your membership at the former Y ans ask them for a “Member in good standing” letter.  You will present that letter at the time you start your membership and your start up fee will be waived.

Q: I have health insurance, do you offer any discounts?
A: We offer discounts wit Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of NH, Cigna and Harvard Pilgrim. If you have Anthem BCBS of New Hampshire we will waive your start up fee completely. If you have Cigna or Harvard Pilgrim we will take $10.00 off  your start up fee. You must bring in your insurance card when you sign up for the membership.

Swim Lessons

Q: I would like to enroll my child in swimming lessons. How do I do this?
A: If you are a member of the Y and have given us your email address you can simply go to our website, click on register for classes and follow the directions. People who register online get first “dibs” on all our classes. If you do not want to sign up online you can stop at the Welcome Center, fill out a registration from and sign up for classes there. Community members must sign up at the Welcome Center.

Other Questions

Q: I have young children. Is there any way I can get a workout in?
A: If you have an Adult, Family or Single Parent Family Membership you may drop your kids off in our babysitting room (age 6 months to 6 years). The babysitting room is open Monday – Friday 8:00 AM -1:00 PM and 4:00-6:30 PM and Saturdays 8:30 – 11:30 AM. The YMCA reserves the right to close the room if it is not being utilized by 12:30, 6:00 or 11:00. There is a 2 hour maximum per day and parents MUST remain in the building. If a child is upset and crying for more than 15 minutes the babysitter will get the parent. The full set of questions and rules for this room can be picked up at the front desk in the Welcome Center.

Q: When is the gym open for basketball?
A: On the home page of our website you can click on “Schedules” and you will be able to pull up the “Big Gym Schedule.” Any time the schedule states “Open Gym” you may come and do what you want in the gym. Please be advised, we do schedule basketball games during the winter months. We post the games and when the gym will be closed on the big dry erase board in the lobby and on our Facebook page.

Q: I want to have my child’s birthday party at the Y. What are the costs/times/dates?
A: All of the birthday party themes & fees are listed on the facilities page.


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